No MythoChibis? Again?

Yes, there will be no new updates to the MythoChibis webcomic for the foreseeable future but this time not because real-life commitments have taken priority. In case you don’t know, Antonella (The MythoChibis artist) lives in Lebanon and can only receive payments through Western Union as PayPal is blocked there. Recently we have run into difficulty getting Antonella’s payments through to her. We are doing our best to get this situation rectified, but given that we have to work with Western Union to pay her there is only so much we can do.

When we have the situation rectified, we will start production back up on MythoChibis. Till then we thank you for your support and have a Merry Christmas.


Addressing the lack of updates on MythoChibis

So people have noticed that it’s been three weeks since we last posted a new MythoChibis strip, and to answer one question, no doubt on a lot of people’s minds, NO IT HASN’T ENDED. Circumstances forced us to put it on a break. Those circumstances were fulfilling campaign promises, money being tight for all three of us this month, and personal priorities that I am not at liberty to go into detail on.

However, MythoChibis will be coming back soon with a few holiday-themed strips as well as a special thank you strip at the end of the year for all the people who supported the Mythoverse in its first year. I cannot understate how much we could not have done all this without you guys and we appreciate each and every one of you.